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Bread - A Sweet Surrender

Bread - A Sweet Surrender Artist: Bread
Author: Searles, Malcolm

Bread - A Sweet Surrender is the very first biography of this magnificent gathering of musical talents, a collective known as Bread, that gave us such timeless hits as 'Make It With You', 'Everything I Own', 'If' and 'The Guitar Man'. This is their story.

Researched in detail, including exclusive interviews with founding member Robb Royer, along with friends, family and former musical associates of the band, Bread - A Sweet Surrender reveals the story behind the band members' formative years, their coming together, the rise of Bread, and the subsequent break-up and the messy lawsuits that were to dog the band in later years. Also featured are exclusive insights into their successful 1990s reunion, undertaken a few years before the sad passing of Jimmy Griffin, followed shortly afterwards by both Botts and Knechtel.

Searles has painstakingly traced the band's story from Jimmy Griffin's early days as a wannabe songwriter, to the reunion years and Griffin's death in 2005. This is a true labour of love, and does its job with a thoroughness other hipper biogs might learn from.

Classic Rock magazine

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ISBN: 9781905139347
Format: Paperback
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Pages: 280

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