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The Who By Numbers - The Story Of The Who Through Their Music

The Who By Numbers - The Story Of The Who Through Their Music Artist: Who, The
Author: Grantley, Steve and Parker, Alan G

Pete Townshend - windmilling, guitar-wrecking, tortured genius and visionary composer. Roger Daltrey - golden-throated street fighter and inventor of the muscular, flaxen-locked superstar frontman as icon. John The 'Ox' Entwistle multi-talented, thunder-fingered, arranger-bassist with a dark line in humour. Keith Moon - the ultimate rock wild man, ill-fated madcap and drum virtuoso. The Orrible Oo! They smashed up their equipment on stage, popularised guitar feedback, set the template for punk, pioneered the Rock Opera, invented stadium rock and made some of the most electrifying records of all time.
Emerging from the mid-60s R&B mod scene with furious teenage anthems like 'My Generation', the Who were the wildest, angriest and loudest kids on the block. But, in spite of Townshend's most famous line, 'Hope I die before I get old', and unlike so many rivals, the Who lived to forge more mature works in the late 1960s and the 1970s with the phenomenal success of pioneering rock opera Tommy, revered song collection Who's Next and Townshend's mod masterpiece Quadrophenia and beyond.
Alan G. Parker is the author of many rock books, including bestselling Sid Vicious biography, No One Is Innocent. Steve Grantley combines writing with the life of a professional drummer and currently plays with Stiff Little Fingers and the Alarm. Together the authors bring a fresh perspective to the long strange musical trip of one of rock'n'roll's most groundbreaking and enduring acts, reassessing some of the less well-known treasures and shedding new light on some of the Who's best and most loved records.

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ISBN: 9781905139262
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